BLOG TOUR: Running Into Trouble by Elle Spellman

With little over twelve weeks until race day, three women are trying their hardest to focus on their ultimate goal – to run 26.2 miles.
For Hannah, it seems near impossible, her first attempt leaving her pained, sweaty and full of regret. But intent on winning back her husband, Hannah is determined to at least try.
Malika signed up to the race after finding a running medal of her friend Abbie’s, who died only a few weeks before. She once promised Abbie she would run a race with her, and she plans to keep that promise.
When an accident with an unruly dog brings Hannah and Malika together, they soon realise they’re training for the same race, and experienced runner Cassie offers to help them out. But running becomes the last thing on their minds when life gets in the way…
A funny, uplifting and surprising novel about female friendship, motherhood, love and loss, and getting through a whole marathon. Publisher: Orion Pages: 352
Running into Trouble by Elle Spellman is a highly entertaining read. As a relatively new runner, I was very excited to be invited to review this one as I knew I would be able to identify with some of the characters.
Spellman has three female leads, Hannah, Malika and Cassie, they all have their own sub-plots but training for a marathon brings them together and strong bonds are formed. All three women are running for a reason, grief, heartbreak, frustration and they do all they can to spur each other on. 
I think Hannah was probably my favourite character and I felt that most of the humour came from her escapades. I could totally understand the fear she describes when stepping outside the front door to run for the first time. Just like Hannah, I felt that people would laugh at me and that I would look ridiculous. But very quickly, Hannah realises the benefits of running and how it changes how she feels physically and mentally.
Running into Trouble is a book about hope and positivity, it’s about not putting off things you have thought about doing. It’s also about friendship and how we can lift each other up in order to face challenges together.  Many thanks to Orion for inviting me to be part of this blog tour!

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